Well, my dears, you all know how much I love reading. And I have the great pleasure and honor of being one of the reviewers for the Washington Independent Review of Books and the New York Journal of Books. So I thought I would share my reviews on a regular basis, because there are few things I love more than discussing books!


Everything Is Just Fine: A Novel

A postmodern, epistolary take on the imploding centers of American communities.

Subject: Omigod, I just read a WONDERFUL book!

I miss you! I can’t believe you fell in love in Paris and moved there! I HATE that you don’t live here anymore! BFFs are supposed to live in the same city!

I have to tell you about this delightful book I just read. I’m recommending it to literally EVERYONE. It’s called Everything Is Just Fine, and it’s by Brett Paesel. She’s a writer and consulting producer and actor, and I bet she’s hilarious in person, because her book is a hoot.

I swear, she hooks you right from the first moment, when she starts the story with hints of past tragedy and with the promise of a decisive act. Yeah, good luck trying not to immediately turn the page after reading that.

You can read the rest of my review of Brett Paesel’s Everything is Just Fine: A Novel, on the Washington Independent Review of Books website, here.

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