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(Wait…what? It’s a new year? When did that happen? Because I think it was just January 2019 and I blinked and now it’s what? January 2020, you say? Get outta here!

So the theme for the calendar in this year’s News & Events tab…

In addition to highlights from my professional and personal life, I’ll be listing and commenting on literary events throughout history…because what do we love more than literature? My great thanks to Emily Temple on for providing this fabulous list…check out the entire wonderful compilation on Flavorwire.

Enjoy! And, this year, more than ever, may we all savor liberal amounts of joy and justice!)

    August 17 – “Lois Lane is born,” on this day in ?
    Aug 17 – Aug 18 all-day
    That’s right, no year is given. Because she’s a fictional character! And, P.S., that’s the reason her skin looks forever fabulous…
    August 30 – “Henry James returns to the U.S. after living abroad for two years,” on this day in 1904.
    Aug 30 – Aug 31 all-day

    Okay, Hank? I totally get that you wanted to live abroad (Paris? London? Who could blame you!), but to me you will always be the embodiment of New York’s fabulous Washington Square!

    August 31 – “John Henry’s Hiroshima is published in The New Yorker, taking up every page except the Goings On calendar,” on this day in 1946.
    Aug 31 – Sep 1 all-day

    Okay, seriously, is there any magazine more fabulous than The New Yorker? Rhetorical question…


    Venus Unleashed – N.Y.C.

    Venus Unleashed, featuring Teri Emory, Heidi Mastrogiovanni, Marine Selenee, and August McLaughlin in NYC

    L.A. Book Launch

    Book Launch for Last Room Standing and Girl Boner, with Heidi Mastrogiovanni and August McLaughlin

    Los Angeles Times Festival of Books 2018

    Los Angeles Times Festival of Books 2018

    Writing While Female 2017 TOUR

    Writing While Female, 2017 Tour - Readings by Authors Heidi Mastrogiovanni and Teri Emory

    Please join Teri Emory (Second Acts) and me as we read from our novels, sign books, do a Q&A, and chat about our novels, overlapping themes in the two, how we feel about the terms “women’s fiction” and “chick lit” (spoiler alert: not thrilled), and lots more.

    I’ll Be In The Window At Book Soup Day!

    Saturday, November 18th
    12:00 – 2:00 PM
    As part of National Novel Writing Month, I’ll be sitting in the main window of fabulous Book Soup facing Sunset Blvd. and writing on my laptop for two hours, starting at noon, to encourage my fellow writers to get that novel they’ve always been wanting to write finished!
    Book Soup
    8818 Sunset Boulevard
    West Hollywood, CA, 90069

    Indies First on Small Business Saturday!

    Saturday, November 25th
    2:00 – 4:00 PM
    I’ll be a guest bookseller from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. as part of an event that brings together authors, readers, and publishers in support of independent bookstores. I’ll be selling copies of “Lala Pettibone’s Act Two,” and also of five of my favorite books: “No Ordinary Time” by Doris Kearns Goodwin, “I Feel Bad About My Neck” by Nora Ephron, “A Prayer for Owen Meany” by John Irving, “Silas Marner” by George Eliot, and “Lucky Jim” by Kingsley Amis.
    Book Soup
    8818 Sunset Boulevard
    West Hollywood, CA, 90069
    Saturday, October 28th, 1:00 PM
    Sandpiper Books
    4665 Torrance Blvd
    Torrance, CA 90503
    Sunday, October 22nd, 5:00 PM
    BookBar Denver
    4280 Tennyson St.
    Denver, CO 80212
    Sunday, October 8th, 5:00 PM
    Skylight Books
    1818 N. Vermont Ave.
    Los Angeles, CA 90027