So I skipped January’s calendar entirely this year, even though the Writing While Female Tour had a lovely reading at the fabulous landmark Greenwich Village branch of the superb New York Public Library that I should have told you about.  Let’s just blame that on an ongoing hangover from the holidays and start with February, shall we? Herewith, my annotated calendar of the birthdays of public figures.  I’m getting the listings from a very nice website, so I hope they will forgive me for being snarky toward them in some of my comments…

    February 22, 1857- Lord Robert Baden Powell, founder of Boy Scouts
    Feb 22 all-day
    February 22, 1889 – Lady Olave Baden-Powell, founded Girl Guides, wife of Lord Baden-Powell
    Feb 22 all-day

    (Wait, they founded similar organizations and they had the same birthday?  You CANNOT make this stuff up!)

    February 25, 1943- George Harrison, one of the four “Beatles”
    Feb 25 all-day

    (Okay, I gotta ask… Why the quotations marks?  Are you implying that they weren’t the actual Beatles?)

    February 26, 1802- Victor Hugo, author, “Les Miserables”
    Feb 26 all-day

    (One of the greatest books ever written?  Uh, yeah…)

    February 26, 1829- Levi Strauss, inventor of denim jeans
    Feb 26 all-day

    (So that’s why they’re called Levis…)