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Heidi Mastrogiovanni, Beagles and Buddies

B&B volunteer Heidi Mastrogiovanni has written a comedic novel with a title character who rescues dogs!

“Lala’s zest for life, love of rescue dogs, and solid friendships will keep readers engaged. Mastrogiovanni’s debut is a story about second chances with a sense of humor.”
– Kirkus Reviews

When you buy a copy of Heidi’s book, she will donate 10% of the sales price to Beagles and Buddies! (Here’s a photo of Heidi with Chester, the first B&B dog she adopted with her husband!)

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Meet Lala Pettibone, a forty-something widow whose outrageous antics befit women half her age. When Lala leaves her beloved New York City to relocate to a whole other Manhattan on the opposite side of the country, she’s less than thrilled. But good things come her way in sunny California, including inspiration to finish writing an uproarious book based on her own delightfully ridiculous adventures.

Lala Pettibone’s Act Two is a wonderfully hilarious, second-coming-of-age-novel.

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