Lala Pettibone: Standing Room Only

About the Book

An Excerpt: Lala and her beloved Auntie Geraldine, mourning the passage of one of Lala’s precious rescued senior dogs.(P.S. To anyone who has met him, it should be obvious that Yootza is based on Tom’s and my own dear Chester, who is, mercifully, still with us…)

“Oh, Auntie Geraldine, I miss him.”

“Yup,” Geraldine said. “His absence is profound.”

“He was such a dear little grump. I’m thinking I’m going to up the ante on trying to put more joy in the world. In his grumpy little bastard honor.”

“Atta girl,” Geraldine said. She dabbed at her eyes with the end of her robe’s sash. “You know, I get the feeling he’s watching from Grumpy Little Bastard Heaven, and I think he’s really happy, Lala.”

They nodded and sipped their drinks. They paused, letting themselves enjoy the warm California sunshine, each savoring a special memory of Yootza.

Lala was reliving the first moment she saw Yootza at the shelter in New York City and his pronounced, crooked underbite immediately stole her heart.

Geraldine was recalling that funny, adorable, terrifying time Yootza mistook her left index finger for a Snausage.